Rates and Charges


Standard Rates and Charges as of January 2020


Daily / Hourly rates:


Labor Rates are calculated due to multi-trade capabilities and diverse equipment required.


Normal working hours are (between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday) all work carried out outside these hours are classed as overtime and are to be charged as per the overtime rates:


All Labor Rates are Per Person (pp)*:


1st  Hour £50.00 (Within normal working hours)

2nd Hour £40.00 (Within normal working hours)

3rd Hour £35.00 (Within normal working hours)

4th Hour £35.00 (Within normal working hours)

5th Hour £50.00 (Within normal working hours)

6th Hour £40.00 (Within normal working hours)

7th Hour £35.00 (Within normal working hours)

8th Hour £35.00 (Within normal working hours)


Half day rate: £140.00 1 x 4 Hour period (Within normal working hours no more than one per calendar day) and only valid if agreed prior to work commencing.


Day rate: £240.00 1 x 8 Hour period (Within normal working hours no more than one per calendar day) and only valid if agreed in writing and or deposit taken prior to work commencing.


All Garden work: is charged at a separate rate and is on a Job by Job basis with a minimum charge of £30


Overtime rates: First four hours of overtime will be charged at a time and a half. Hours after that will be charged at double time until normal working hours re-commence, then rates will revert to normal working hours charges and so on, Sundays are at the double time rate all day.


Additional Rates and Charges


Additional charges:

£40.00 charge will be made for a general call out to plumbing work where a live joint has to be broken and or made.

£50.00 charge will be made for all plumbing emergencies and in addition to any other charges.

£30.00 charge will be made for each large garden waste bag provided and disposed of (approx 1m3 garden waste only)

£50.00 minimum charge will be made for the removal of general site waste up to 100kgs.

(varying additional charges apply to the removal of appliances and or hazardous waste) 

£140.00 charge will be made for each half-trailer load of green waste.

£230.00 charge will be made for each full trailer load of green waste.


Additional charges may be made for odd loads/materials and will be assessed on an individual basis.

£40 minimum charge for pesticides/spraying operation’s to cover equipment/chemicals used.

£60.00 call out charge may be made for urgent work requiring an immediate response within normal working hours and £120 for calls outside normal working hours. At Management Discretion A Charge for jobs over 5 miles from Friendly Fixers Ltd office or the collection/delivery of goods will be charged at £1.00 per mile each way with a minimum charge of £10.00 whichever is lowest, this is to cover fuel costs etc. and is at the management’s discretion.


Handling of Dangerous or Hazardous Goods


Any handling of dangerous or hazardous goods will be charged additionally depending on the nature of the hazard, this will account for any specialist insurance, equipment or materials required in or for the use of safe handling of such goods or materials, to cover legal and safe handling requirements and regulations.(Prices given on inspection of waste goods)


Any last minute changes to services or materials that have not been agreed will be subject to re-evaluation and may incur additional changes to services and or materials and will void original estimates thus reverting to standard hourly rates and charges (pp).



Estimates/ Quotations Requirements


All Estimates/Quotations: will be deemed Free if upon approval in writing by the client, Friendly Fixers Ltd and or persons working on behalf of FF Ltd etc. Carries out the contracted works. If the client decides not undertake the services of the Company they will be liable for the charges for time, fuel, materials, and Administration used to carry out the required service.


If an estimate, quote or fixed price is required, the standard rates will not apply but may be used in addition to the quoted cost if additional work or materials are required, all prices, charges, and rates are subject to change and are at the discretion of the management. All materials will be charged in addition to the rates/charges, deposits may be required prior to commencing purchasing of materials and will confirm authorization of acceptance of Ts&Cs to commence works.


Extended payment: options are available 10 days<30+days but have a minimum £30 PCM admin charge from 7 days after the completion date of up to and in addition to each 30 days period applied to the job total. This option is only available for a maximum period of 60 days from the completion of works id is to be requested and confirmed in writing and approved by the Director Lawrence Du Pavey.


  • All listed labor rates are on a (PP) per person basis except for any reduced or discounted rates that will be shown on the invoice and do not include materials that are charged for separately.


Our policy is such that if an Estimate/Quote is given it will be Free providing you confirm the approval for work to be carried out in writing, the cost will be listed and deducted from the final total on the invoice.




Terms, Conditions 



Registered: England and Wales


In this agreement between Friendly Fixers Limited whose registered office is at (“the Company” which includes any work carried out by Lawrence Du Pavey or any other individual on behalf of the Company) and you ("the Client") these terms and conditions shall apply as follows:



1- The Contract

1. Upon each occasion that the Company supplies goods, including materials, (“the Goods”) and services (“the Services”), the terms and conditions of the Contract shall apply to the Contract between the Company and the Client.

2. The Contract may be varied in writing between the parties but, in the absence of any such agreement, these terms and conditions shall apply.



2- Performance

1. The Company shall perform the Contract with reasonable skill, experience and promptness.

2. Time shall not be of the essence unless agreed in writing between the parties. If the Client has a specific date by which completion of the work is required, then the Client must inform the Company in writing in advance and provide any necessary information to the Client in good time to enable the Company to provide the Goods and Services by the specific date.

3. In the event of delay due to an event or action by a third party beyond either party’s control or power, including unfavourable weather conditions, this shall mean that the Company shall have a further reasonable time in which to perform the Contract.

4. If the delay in the performance of the Contract is due to the actions of or omissions of the Client, the Company shall not be liable for late delivery of the Goods or Services and shall be entitled to a reasonable further period of time in which to perform the Contract and/or compensation for any costs or losses, it suffers as a result of such delay.

5. In the event that the performance is delayed by the actions or omissions of the Company, the Client may be entitled to recover any losses directly arising from such delayed performance, but limited to the Charges under the Contract for the Goods or the Services which have been delayed.

6. The Company shall agree to perform the Contract based on agreed Charges which may be varied by agreement between the parties. The parties shall agree the terms of the Services in writing prior to commencement of the performance of the Contract. However, in the event that the Client makes changes to his instructions or additions to the work, the Company shall be entitled to make additional reasonable charges.


3- Charges, charges and payment

1. The Client shall pay the agreed charges or rates (“the Charges”) to the Company as agreed in the Schedule attached to these terms and conditions. The Company shall not be obliged to commence working on providing the Goods or the Services until the Schedule is signed as agreed by the Client.

2. In the event that the instructions for the Services changes, such variations shall be agreed in writing with amended charges, if any.

3. In the event that, upon commencing the Services, the nature of the work or the amount of the Services or Goods required changes materially, the Company or its employee shall raise such changes with the Client without delay and seek the Client’s agreement to vary the instructions for the Services and Goods and the Charges, if necessary. If the Client refuses to agree to such variations, the Company shall be entitled to make reasonable additional charges or withdraw from providing the Services and make a reasonable charge for any Services and Goods provided prior to withdrawal.

4. In the event that the Company has to use or handle dangerous or hazardous goods then additional charges will be enforced to cover any such costs of additional legal cover required for the legal and safe handling of such goods equipment or waste. All handling of dangerous or hazardous goods will be charged in addition to the standard charges and consequently depending on the nature of the hazard, this will account for any specialist insurance, equipment, materials or disposal requirements in or for the use of safe handling of such goods or materials, this will cover the necessary legal and safe handling and or disposal requirements and regulations currently in force.

5. Any delay in payment may affect the Company’s ability to deliver the Goods or Services by the required date. Any losses due to late payment which causes the Company to delay delivering Goods or Services are recoverable by the Company from the Client.

6. If the parties agree to pay on invoice, the Client shall pay the Company as stated in the Schedule without any deduction or withholding on account of any rights of equitable set off which the Client may claim;

7. The Charges will be subject to VAT, if and when the Company becomes registered, at which point it will notify any clients of such liability in advance;

8. In the event of late payment or non payment of the Charges by the Client, the Company may suspend performance of the Contract and exercise its rights generally under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998;

9. The Goods shall remain the property of the Company until it receives payment of the Charges in full.

10. The rates will be as stated in the attached Schedule.

11. In the event that the Client fails to pay on the due date, the Client shall be liable for costs to the Company for the sum of £25 per letter plus VAT for every letter requesting payment. The Company shall send no more than one reminder letter per week.

12. In the event that the Company has to instruct bailiffs or sheriffs or debt recovery companies to recover sums due to it, the Client shall be liable for any fee incurred by such bailiffs or sheriffs or debt recovery companies.




4- Cancellation

1. If the Client wishes to cancel the Goods or Services, he must provide no less than one calendar month’s notice. Otherwise, in the event that the Client cancels the Services, the Client shall be held liable for all Goods purchased on behalf of the Client and no less one third of the cost of the Services or, in the event of less than one week’s notice, the entire cost of the Charges for the Services.

2. In the event of cancellation, the Charges due, if any, shall be payable immediately.




5- Substitution

  1. The Company reserves the right to use any employee or sub-contractor at its own discretion to carry out the Services.




6- Liability

1. The Client’s liability for the agreed Charges will remain until the Company is paid in full.

2. The Company shall use its reasonable skills in sourcing Goods but shall not be liable for the quality or fitness for purpose of such Goods. Upon request, the Company will provide copies of invoices to allow the Client to take any reasonable action against the suppliers of such goods.

3. The Company’s maximum liability in the event of any claim by the Client shall be limited to the agreed Charges for the Services only or such sums as may be recoverable from the Company’s insurers, in the event that such claims in total amount to more than £500.

4. Any Goods supplied by either the Company or the Client shall be held at the Client’s risk and insurance risk and the Client shall be liable for the Goods at all times, if damaged or taken by any third party or the weather or accident.







7- General

1. The Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall be excluded by agreement save as mentioned herein;

2. The Contract shall be interpreted in accordance with English Law and subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

3. Any formal dispute shall be first submitted by the parties acting in good faith to commercial mediation under the terms and procedures of the ADR Group (IDR Europe Limited) of Grove House, Grove Road, Bristol.